Euro-BioImaging Stakeholder Meeting, 21 – 22 September, 2009 at EMBL (Heidelberg)

- The aim of the stakeholder meeting is to gather eminent representatives of the scientific community, funding and governmental organisations, and industry with particular interest in biomedical imaging and to discuss potential participation as well as the content and structure of this infrastructure project.

- The ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) roadmap describes the scientific needs for research infrastructures and aims to develop the scientific integration of Europe and strengthen its international outreach, to facilitate multilateral initiatives and integrate national resources into a common, pan-European effort.

- Imaging technologies are core disciplines of tomorrow’s biology and medicine, represent essential new research infrastructures for all life sciences and contribute to a better understanding of all living systems.

- The Euro-BioImaging infrastructure will provide access to state of the art imaging technologies, training and a continuous development of imaging research technologies. It will consist of distributed centres of excellence with a strong focus on either biological or medical imaging. The over-arching goal of Euro-BioImaging is to provide research infrastructures for multidisciplinary projects combining biologists, chemists, bioengineers, imaging technologists and clinicians and to enable basic translational and applied research.

- Towards that goal we are convening a stakeholder group to participate and encourage Euro-BioImaging.

- If you or members of your organization are interested to participate in this First Stakeholder Meeting please register online at:  www.embl.de/conferences/eurobioimaging

- Please note that attendance is limited to max. 220 persons. Therefore early registration is encouraged. If the subject of this invitation is outside your scope of responsibility, we would be grateful, if you could pass this invitation on to your colleagues in charge or inform our project managers Antje Keppler and Pamela Zolda about the relevant contact persons.

Euro-BioImaging – First Stakeholder Meeting
21 - 22 September, EMBL (Heidelberg)
Preliminary Programme

Monday, 21 September
11:00 Registration and Light Lunch
13:00 Welcome
13:15 ESFRI - E. Curtius, Chair of BMS Group

(to be confirmed)
13:45 Keynote Lecture – S. Hell (Göttingen, Germany)
14:30 Keynote Lecture – A. Dixon (Cambridge, UK)
15:15 Coffee Break
15:45 Introduction: Work Packages of Euro-BioImaging
16.15 Discussion
16:30 - 18:00 Work Package Breakup Sessions I

(1 rapporteur/session)
19:00 Dinner
Tuesday, 22 September
09:00 - 10.30 Work Package Breakup Sessions II

(1 rapporteur / session)
10:30 - 11.00 Keynote Lecture – European Commission, DG Research
11:00 Coffee / Snacks
11:30 Summary of Breakup Sessions by Rapporteurs
13:00 Résumé and Closing

Light Lunch

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